Providing sufficient quantity and protecting the quality of water for Stagecoach Valley residents


Thursday, February 14, 2019, 3:30 P.M.

SGID Office, 5000 Navajo Trail, Stagecoach NV 89429

Pledge of Allegiance-  James asked for a moment of silence in remembrance of Farrell Hurt.

James called the meeting to order at 3:30pm

Board Members present were Marjorie Gartenberg, James, Moore, Gene Ray and Vicki Aveiro

Employees present were Tina Schmidt, Joe Seng and Jim Woodward

Members of the Audience: Marilyn Cooper, Joe Catanzarite, Richard Lee Thompson, and Ron Kennedy.

1. Approval of Agenda – Gene Ray made a motion to approve the agenda as written. Vicki seconded. None opposed. Motion passed.

2. Approve “Posting of Meeting” Documents – Gene Ray made a motion to approve “Posting of Meeting” document as presented. Marjorie seconded. None opposed. Motion passed. (see attachment A)

3. Public Participation – None.

4. Approve Block Items – 01/10/19 Regular Meeting Minutes, 01/22/19 Special Meeting Minutes and Treasurer’s Report  – Marjorie made a motion to approve the 01/10/19 Regular Meeting Minutes and the Treasurer’s Report. Vicki made a motion to approve the Special Meeting Minutes for 01/22/19. Gene Ray seconded both motions. None opposed. Motion passed.

5. Discussion and Decision for Appointment of Board Member – Review Applications, Deliberate and Appoint Board Member to fill Vacant Seat – The Board Members received and independently scored all questionnaires. James explained that he would gather the sheets from the Board Members and hand them to the Assistant Manager to be tallied. James thanked all the applicants for their interest and reminded them that they can apply for election if they do not get selected today. Marjorie encouraged the applicants to continue with community involvement.

Lee Thompson inquired to how the process is working and asked how this system is used to be in compliance with Open Meeting Law. Marjorie explained that the process is designed to be fair and each applicant answered the same exact questions. After the total tally was completed James announced the person with the high score who would be appointed to the Board upon his acceptance was Joseph Catanzarite. Joe C accepted the appointment and will be sworn in before the March 14th Meeting. Gene Ray made the motion for Joe C to be appointed to the Board. Marjorie seconded. None opposed. Motion passed. (see Attachment B)

6. Information regarding upcoming Nevada Rural Water Association Annual Conference.  Name Delegate and Alternate for Conference Business Meeting Tina explained that the NVRWA Conference would be in Reno March 12-14, 2019. Joe and Jim would be attending it; if no Board Member was interested in attending then we customarily would designate Joe Seng as the delegate for our District and Jim Woodward as the alternate for the business meeting. Gene Ray made a motion to Name Joe Seng as the Delegate and James Woodward as the Alternate. Marjorie seconded. None opposed. Motion passed.

7. Information from Utility Supervisor – Joe informed the Board

a. We have fixed the roadway on Cimarron to a base only state. We will continue to maintain it to standard until July when the new budget and weather will allow it to be chip sealed.

b. Abilene Booster Valve is still on the repair list. We will be running it manually until we can get the valve replaced.

c. Weather is playing havoc and we have been keeping an eye on Boyer for possible flooding issues with all the rain and snow.

8. Information from Manager – Tina informed the Board

a. Acknowledge Jim Woodward’s Anniversary date- Jim’s anniversary with the GID will be on the 23rd. He has been with us for 8 years and continues to do a great job.

b. Bring Budget Wish List to next meeting- As we are starting to work on the FY 2019-2020 budget now is the time to bring any ideas, wants or suggestions that we would need to include to Teri’s attention. None at this time.

c. SGID Board/Staff ID Cards- We are preparing to do new ID Cards for the Board and Staff; Tina explained the importance of having an updated SGID ID Card and asked if Marjorie still was able to laminate them. Marjorie and James both said they could laminate them.

d. Report on Desert Wells Preserve Community Meeting held on 1/29/19- Tina read Teri’s notes (see attachment C)

e. Report on Stagecoach Advisory Board Meeting held on 02/6/19- Staff did not attend.

f. Report on Lyon County Commissioner’s Meetings held on 1/17/19- Tina read Teri’s notes (see attachment D) & 2/7/19-staff did not attend.

g. Report on Lyon County Planning Commission Meeting held on 02/12/19- Staff did not attend.

9. Acknowledge Tina Schmidt’s Annual Review and Wage Increase – After reviewing Tina’s Annual Review prepared by Teri; Gene Ray thanked Tina for her financial knowledge and making sure that we are investing the Districts money. Vicki said that she is thankful that Tina was able to step in and take care of the District in Teri’s absence. Gene Ray made a motion to acknowledge Tina’s Annual Review with a 2 ½% Merit Increase. Vicki seconded. None opposed. Motion passed.

10. Annual Job Performance/Appraisal of Manager, Teri Hurt – Gene Ray said that Teri hits the ground running and always takes care of business for the SGID. Marjorie wants everyone aware that Teri is always making sure that the Board is up to speed on all policies and public laws. James stated that Teri is always looking out for the SGID and it is her baby so to speak. After reviewing Teri’s Annual Job Performance and Appraisal Marjorie made a motion to approve 2 ½% Merit Increase for Teri Hurt. Gene Ray seconded. None opposed.  Motion passed.

11. Pay Bills Over $5,000.00 –None

12. Director’s Suggestions for future Agenda Items – Vicki- none  Gene Ray – none  Marjorie –none  James-none

13. Public Participation – At this time James gave the floor to Ron Kennedy as he had asked about Vida Keller and her request to have a County Commissioner attend Planning Meetings. It was explained that we do not have control over the BOCC. He went on to explain that Desert Wells holding pond will not work as they are stating and may attract mosquitoes. The planning commission should choose another unpartisan company to plan the run off basin.

Lee Thompson- Asked if he would be out of line bringing Teri a card. Tina let him know that we do have a card in the office if anyone wants to sign it.

Marjorie- Informed the public that as Staff and Board of SGID we have signed a policy in regards to Social Media; it does not allow us to comment on Social Media. We as Board Members cannot answer to the misinformation out there. When we are in the public we need to make sure even if cornered we do not respond as a Board Member. We can state our personal opinion and we must be clear it is our personal opinion; but for any other answers they need to come to a meeting and address the Board. If the public cannot get the answers from us, they will sometimes come in and take it out on staff. Tina said they can call the office.

Lee Thompson- Informed everyone that George Peek has resigned from the Silver Springs Mutual Water Co-op and Scott Keller is taking over as President.

Lee Thompson – Asked Joe which side our water mains run down highway 50.  Joe told him currently the north side and then crosses over 50 at Leegard, but the plan for Desert Wells is to run on the south side from Dayton and tie in at Leegard.  There has been talk about a future line also on the north side to Dayton.  

Lee Thompson – Desert Wells original plans were to close Leegard exit. At the CAB meeting they mentioned they will leave that open as a northeast exit from the Ranchos.

Marilyn Cooper – ID Cards are very important.  The Board agreed.

14. Adjournment – Marjorie made a motion to adjourn. Gene Ray seconded. None opposed. Motion passed. At 4:38pm

Minutes documented by Schmidt, Tina ________________________________________

Respectfully Submitted  ________________________________________

      Victoria Aveiro, Secretary

(Attachments are with original Minutes located at the GID Office)