Providing sufficient quantity and protecting the quality of water for Stagecoach Valley residents

MINUTES – Regular Meeting

Thursday, November 8, 2018

3:30 P.M.

SGID Office, 5000 Navajo Trail, Stagecoach NV 89429

James called the meeting to order at 3:30 pm.

Board members present were Marjorie Gartenberg, James Moore, Gene Ray, Pat Mc Intyre and Vicki Aveiro.

Employees present were Teri Hurt, Tina Schmidt and Jim Woodward.    

Members of the audience: Mike Arkell, Claudia Conlon, Gary Handzel, Amy Mezzetta, Donald Schalla, Ron Kennedy, Jack Norberg of Nichols Consulting, James Ratzell, A.J. Abrahamian, Ryan Hoerth of Vidler, James Mulkey, LeAnn Brandt of Vidler, Kim and Steve Harris, Melinda Schlottmann, Kathleen Damon, Bruce Damon and  Joe Catanzarite.

James led the pledge of allegiance.


1. Approval of Agenda – Marjorie made a motion to approve the Agenda. Pat seconded. None opposed. Motion passed.

2. Approve “Posting of Meeting” Documents – Gene Ray made a motion to Approve the “Posting of Meeting” Document as presented.(See attachment A) Marjorie seconded. None opposed. Motion passed.

3. Public Participation –None

4. Approve Block Items – Minutes of 10/11/18 Regular Meeting and Treasurer’s Report   – Gene Ray made a motion to Approve the Block Items as presented. Marjorie seconded. None opposed. Motion passed.

5. Discussion and Approval of FY 2017/2018 Audit as presented by Jim Sciarani, Sciarani & Co. –  This item was skipped and returned to after #6-

When Jim Sciarani arrived he explained the FY 2017/2018 Audit (See Attachment B). His conclusion is that the District has been proactive in maintaining separation of duties to the greatest extent possible with limited staff and being financially responsible with the District’s Funds. Gene Ray made a motion to approve the FY 2017/2018 Audit as presented. Pat seconded. None opposed. Motion passed.

6. Vidler Water Co. Stagecoach GID Water Usage Evaluation – Ryan Hoerth of Vidler Water Co. presented the information found in the Water Usage Evaluation that he used data received from The District to complete. Several members of the public had concerns about what Vidler Water Co. was going to do with that information. Teri explained that in the future they would have to come back to the Board with any plans or request.-Teri also gave Ryan and the Board copies of an email by a concerned customer, Ryan will be making some corrections to his data. (See Attachments C & D) This item was informational only.  

7. Discussion and Decision on Investment Options – Balance of Capital Improvement Fund and Operating Account Monies Tina has prepared a chart of Certificate of Deposit options and given it to the Board. She explains that in researching the rates and terms they are widely varying. In order to have the funds laddered for accessibility she recommends moving the balance of the Capital Improvement Fund; (as previously discussed) along with some funds from the Operating Account to a 12 month CD with US Bank at this time. Several Board Members said they appreciated Tina’s Banking Background and her drive to make The District’s Money work harder. Marjorie made a Motion to move the balance of funds from the Capital Improvement Fund @ Nevada State Bank and monies from the Operating Account at NSB and open a 12 month CD for $420,000.00 to US Bank and Authorizes the Letters of Authorization for these transactions be signed by James Moore, Chairman and Gene Ray, Secretary. Pat seconded. None opposed. Motion passed.  

8. Report regarding The Carson River Watershed “Get on the Bus” Tour – Both Gene Ray and Jim Woodward participated – Gene Ray reported that it was an amazing experience and very informative. He encouraged people that could attend to go next year. It is worth the investment if you are interested in the Watershed and would like to be informed. Jim said it was very interesting also. Gary Handzel asked if there was some literature on it. Teri will look into getting more information about it for him and keep the public informed when it comes up next year.

9. Information on the 2018 NDOT County Workshop Calendar – Schedule provided by Mr. Thompson – Teri informed the Board that Mr. Thompson had emailed her 2018 NDOT County Workshop Calendar the meeting for Lyon County is December 18,2018 @ The Lyon County Library located @ 20 Nevin Way , Yerington, NV; we will hang it in the lobby.

10. Update from Utility Staff on SCADA (Telemetry) Upgrade – Jim informed the Board that Sierra Controls has completed put in the new SCADA, it is up and running; they still have a few minor bugs to work out of it.

11. Development Inquiries –APN’s 015-041-06 & 07 – Teri informed the Board that she had attended the Lyon County Round Table in Dayton regarding a possible Motor Cross Track in Stagecoach. There are still a lot of unanswered questions that would have to be addressed before it moves forward. Teri explained that the Track is about two miles from our nearest line and it would be very costly to run a water line to it.

12. Report from Manager regarding Lyon County Commissioner’s Board Meeting –Meeting was held on 11/01/18- Teri informed the Board that she had attended this meeting. The county Assessor has new software. The Sheriff talked about the Adam Walsh Law. The Comptroller talked about the work being done on the new Senior Center in Fernley and that they are hiring a Senior Center Director as the current Director is retiring. Also, Title 15 Ordinance was passed.

13. Report from Assistant Manager regarding Stagecoach Citizens Advisory Board Meeting –Meeting was held on 11/07/18 – Tina informed the Board that she had attended this meeting. Gary Handzel had encouraged the public to attend the Stagecoach G.I.D. Board Meeting. Pete will be talking to Legislators to get a law passed to keep Road Construction from impeding Voter’s Rights to get to the polls on Election Day; he believes Stagecoach Voter’s did not have fair and easy access to the Community Center during this election and it could skew the votes. SSHS is having basketball tryouts Sat 11/10/18 @ 10am and they are having a Veteran’s Ceremony on Friday the 9th @ 1pm. Ken Gray and members of the public had a debate over Brothel Work Cards and how they should be handled. Vanessa Stuart announced the two new Board Members for the Hospital Board and that their next meeting is Nov 15th @ 6pm at Lahontan Medical Complex. She also spoke about the upcoming free adoption day at the Lyon County Animal Shelter November 17th -18th and low cost vaccination clinic being held on Nov 17th from 11-4pm.Sue Lawson spoke about the new trainee fire fighters that you may see around the area and that one is going to CLCFD #37 here in Stagecoach. Burn Permits are available on line and make sure you are within regulation; the 35acre fire at Boyer and Iroquois was caused by a residential controlled burn that was not within regulations. Randy Gahr- Spoke about the Lyon County Parks Tour that was last week; it went well and they are looking into putting electrical outlets by the gazebo at Pioneer Park for the public to use. Len Corbett spoke about the new Memorial in front of the Stagecoach Community Center; The Dayton Valley Dispatch did a great write up on it. The Dedication Ceremony will be at 10am on December 7th.  If anyone sees anyone trying to damage it they should call it in to the Sheriff’s Office.

14. Staff Recognition / Achievements – Tina has been with the District for 5 years.

15. Pay Bills Over $5,000.00 – None.

16. Director’s Suggestions for future Agenda Items – Vicki- None  Gene Ray- None

Moore- None  Marjorie- None; Pat- Announced that March through October of every year the Mosquito Abatement Board meets at the Stagecoach Community Center- it is very interesting and people should check it out.

17. Public Participation – Moore inquired why the fire hydrant at the corner of Boyer and Iroquois has pink ribbon wrapped around it. Teri explained that there was no visible sign of damage to it; when the Fire District tried to fill up there truck there it would not dispense. After inspection it was determined that it has somehow been damaged underground and is inoperable at this time. Moore said we should paint the cap black as that is industry standard so that it’s obvious to others that it does not work. A member of the public also stated that was true. Teri will look into it.

18. Adjournment – Gene Ray made a motion to Adjourn. Marjorie seconded. None opposed. Motion passed.

Meeting Adjourned 4:49pm


Minutes documented by Schmidt, Tina_________________________________

Respectfully Submitted_____________________________________________

Gene Ray, Secretary

(Attachments are with original minutes located at the GID Office.)

A digital recording of this meeting is on file at the GID Office.