Any sub divider or developer desiring the expansion of water service to property outside original District boundaries within the designated service area shall make a written application therefore to the Board.  Said application to contain the legal description of the property to be served and the number of proposed hookups and additional information which may be required by the Board, and be accompanied by a survey showing the location of all easements and the proposed improvements.


Upon receipt of the developer’s application, the District shall make an investigation of the proposed expansion.


The Board shall thereupon consider said application and report, and after such consideration, either reject or approve it.


Upon approval of the project by the District, the applicant shall provide to District three (3) sets of engineered plans, setting forth the proposed improvements, and upgrades necessary to the system required to reasonably meet the needs of the additional hookups.  These plans will be reviewed by the District’s Engineer a minimum of fifteen (15) days prior to the regularly scheduled District meeting will review these plans.


If the application is approved, the developer desiring service must petition the District for inclusion.  The District must put a Notice of Public Hearing in the Leader/Courier 30 days prior to a Public Hearing meeting.  If the petition is approved, the District must draw up an “Order to Enlarge the District Boundaries”.  The “Order to Enlarge” must be sent to the Recorder’s Office for recording, with a copy to the Assessor’s Office so the parcel(s) can be added to the rolls.  The developer must also sign an Acknowledgment stating they are aware they will be subject to all Rules and Regulations and also subject to the Service Availability Fee.


A licensed contractor shall install all lines under contract.  The sub divider/developer shall pay for all line extensions, storage requirements and water lines necessary to complete looping of the system.


The total cost of all main line extensions and necessary upgrades to the water system to service all property outside of the original service area together with plan check and inspection fees, cut and building permits, and all other costs and fees, including the cost of any necessary right of ways or easements shall be paid by the developer requesting the project as herein provided.


All extensions thus provided for, in accordance with this regulation, shall be transferred to District without cost after passing all required tests and disinfection, together with all easements and rights of way.  Final acceptance by the Board is subject to one (1) year warranty by contractor/developer.


The minimum water main extension pipe size is 8-inch diameter pipe.  Should the Board desire to install facilities of a greater diameter than the minimum required, a report shall be prepared by the District justifying the over sizing of the facilities.  The developer of the property requesting the water main extension shall then meet with the Board.  If the Board requires oversized facilities, the Board shall determine what percentage of the material cost shall be borne by the District.


No dead-end lines shall be permitted.


The District’s Engineer shall approve the size, type and quality of materials and location of all lines and improvements.  The applicant will be required to obtain and pay for all necessary rights-of-way and easements for construction of said lines.  The following general conditions shall apply, in addition to any specific conditions set by the District.


The District shall approve materials for construction of pipelines.


Lines and grades of water mains must be as approved by the District Engineer.  Depths of pipe shall be not less than 36 inches to top of pipe.  Special requirements may be dictated if necessary in the opinion of the District.


Valves shall be installed as required by the District.


Fire hydrants shall be as approved by the Central Lyon County Fire District and SGID.  Hydrant line valves shall be located as approved.


All main extensions shall meet the requirements of the District, Uniform Plumbing Code and State Health Regulations.


In addition to the cost of any project, the person or persons requesting hookup must pay to the District all hookup fees, and other costs required at time service is established.


The plan check fees as herein required to be deposited with District shall be an amount reasonably necessary for the District to hire an independent engineer to review and approve the plans submitted for the proposed improvements.  The inspection fees as herein required are fees reasonably necessary for the District to hire an independent engineer to oversee and inspect the required work.  There will be a $1,500.00 deposit made to the District to cover plan check fees, any unused portion of which will be returned to the applicant by the District.  Any excess costs will be billed to the applicant and must be paid before water service will be established.


BHPS plan review fee is the responsibility of the Contractor/Developer.


All development plans and installation of improvements to the system shall be inspected and accepted by the Board of Directors.  The District may make extension to the facilities constructed under this section without obligation or liability to the applicant.


The Board will require the applicant to post a Surety Bond, cash or other security with the District in the amount of 50% of the gross cost of the project to guarantee the satisfactory completion of the required improvements in accordance with the plans and specifications approved by the Board.





Water rights: Those individuals outside the original water district, but within the boundaries as shown on the attached map (Exhibit “A”) may petition the District to provide water service.


In addition to paying all related costs (including hook up fees) and the cost of any necessary main line extension and upgrades to the water system, they shall supply additional water rights to the District sufficient for the number of anticipated additional water hookups.


Those water rights may be supplied as follows:


  1. Upon the approval by the State Engineer those EXISTING lots or parcels within the area designated on map (Exhibit “A”) as shown with the blue line.  (Proposed Service Area) may meet the water right required by the relinquishment of their domestic well right and the abandonment of any wells on the property.
  2. Any person wishing to split, parcel or subdivide any of the property shown on map (Exhibit “A”) as designated in the proposed service area hereto, may only receive water service from District upon tendering and transferring to District, without cost, sufficient water rights to serve all the additional proposed lots.