Online News Quarterly –JANUARY 2018


Happy 2018!!!

The Staff of Stagecoach GID would like to thank our customers for all the Holiday Treats! Thank you!!!


Winter has arrived with the cold tempuratures please watch for unexplained wet spots as some pipes may freeze and break. Make sure any exposed/exterior pipes are wrapped and remember to keep an eye on your outside water outlets also.  


You can receive your Water Bill by E-mail simply call the office.

@ 775-629-0849 and request E-invoicing.

 No more Bills lost in the mail.


 If you see or hear something, in the internet world that we live in there is incorrect information out there. Please feel free to contact our office for verification. 775-629-0849


Agendas for Meetings are always posted You can request personal notification by calling the office at 775-629-0849.


 A friendly reminder- All payments are due the 25th day of each month. Late fees apply after the LAST DAY of MONTH. DISCONNECT NOTICE FEE OF $15 IS APPLIED FIRST DAY OF THE FOLLOWING MONTH. THE FEE WILL NOT BE WAIVED.



Jan James Byrnes                                        FebLydia Hutchinson                                    MarElizabeth Mosher

Apr- Jerry Myers                                 May- Sean Rutherford                           June- Cheryl Casey

July- William Lawson                          Aug- Kenneth Kitchell                          Sept- Ruth Alcorta

Oct- John Duane Everette                  Nov- Mark & Barbara Sexton                 Dec- Candace Pitts

You too can be a lucky winner – Pay your bill and return your payment stub on or before the 25th of the month and you will be entered into the Raffle.  Anyone paying online, by telephone or through their bank’s online bill-pay, is also entered (we fill out a stub for you).  Raffle Winners receive a $60.00 credit on their next month’s water bill. (Prize will be $60 credit as of July 1st)

IF you have a water related emergency you can call

Joe @ 775-721-1612


 Jim @ 775-720-7617.  

Otherwise leave a message on our answering machine and we will get back to you the next business day.

UPCOMING BOARD MEETINGS- are the second Thursday of each month.

They are held at the SGID Office and start at 3:30 pm.

Jan- 11th

Feb- 8th

March- 8th



Monday Jan 1st- New Year’s Day

Monday Jan 15th- Martin Luther King Jr Day

Monday Feb 19th- Presidents Day