Online News Quarterly –JULY 2018


The District Office was vandalized on the

weekend of June 16th.  It was dishearting that someone in our community would be this destructive and maliciously.

If you see something suspicious at The District Office or One of our other sites. Please call LYON COUNTY SHERIFF @775-577-5023.


If you have any questions and/or comments please feel free to call our office at 775-629-0849.



Please make sure that you use WATER wisely. Water in the morning when your plants can absorb it the best. Do not water when it is windy. Do over water. Check your Evaporative Cooler to make sure the float is working properly.


Base Water Rate Increase effective July 1,2018.

Current Rate is $60. New Rate $61.You will see the increase on your August Bill.


Equal Payment Plan

We offer an EPP to help you keep your budget on track. If you have had service for at least one year and find it hard to pay high seasonal bills,we can average your bills to help you pay over an extended time period.Call the office @ 775-629-0849, for more details. *********************************************

Please make sure you know where your Customer Shut -off Valve is and how to operate it. If you have a Customer Shut-off Valve and call a Technician out after hours or on the weekend you will incur an after hours Call Out Fee on your bill.   



Your payment will be scheduled the 25th day of every month to be debited from your checking account/debit card or credit card. Your payment will never be lost in the mail or late, and since it will be scheduled for the 25th you will be entered in the Raffle every month. Remember when you are paying through the your banks billpay system they simple cut a check and mail it to us. If it is not received on time you will incur late fees of 10% and risk getting a disconnect notice which incurs a $15 fee which will not be waived.

Please call the office for details @ 775-629-0849.


The Churchill Downs Well has had it’s maintenance done and should be back on-line soon.


There was a Valve that was leaking on Cheyenne and Iroquois. It has been replaced.


Jan- Marrissa Martinez & Brandon Marrs   Feb- Joe & Adrienne Gutierrez    March- Rita Wolf

April- Kurt Forester                                   May- Robert R Edwards Jr.         June- Doug& Kathy Green

You too can be a LUCKY WINNER!- Pay your bill by the 25th of each month and be entered into the drawing! Raffle Winner receives a $60. Credit on their next months water bill.


IF you have a water related emergency you can call

Joe @ 775-721-1612


 Jim @ 775-720-7617.  

Otherwise leave a message on our answering machine and we will get back to you the next business day.

UPCOMING BOARD MEETINGS- are the second Thursday of each month.

They are held at the SGID Office and start at 3:30 pm.

July- 12th

Aug- 9th

Sept- 13th

If you have an item you would like put on an Agenda please contact the office@ 775-629-0849. For the Timeline. It must be submitted before Agenda’s are approved for posting.




Wednesday July 4th - Independence Day

Monday Sept 3rd- Labor Day