1.         If a customer receives a disconnect notice and makes arrangements to pay at a later date and then fails to do so, no new notice will be posted, the customer will be shut off and charged a reconnect fee.

*Only one arrangement can be made, if the customer cannot pay at the arranged date, they will be shut off.

2.         Customers will receive 30-day shut-off notices if they ignore our request to fix leaks on their property. If they do not fix the leak within 30 days of the notice, they will be turned off until the leak is fixed, but will not be charged a reconnect fee.

*This statement was adopted by the Board on May 12, 1994

3.        In cases of "Hardship" as approved by Lyon County, two base rates will be billed and then any water over the 2 allotted base usages will be billed the extra amount.

4.        If a new customer cannot pay the entire deposit when applying for new service, they may be allowed to pay half with the remainder due no later than 30 days from that date.

5.         * * If a customer's water is turned off for any reason, with exceptions for

emergency repairs to water lines, it is the policy of the SGID that their service will only be restored between 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M.

This is for the safety of our maintenance personnel and not to cause any undue hardships to our customers.

To make sure that you are not without water overnight, please pay your bills before the end of our working hours for whichever day you are scheduled to pay.


6.         People staying in travel trailers, motor-homes, etc. will be allowed to do so for 90 days without the property owner having to pay an additional water bill.

**This policy was adopted by the Board on December 19, 1996.

7.         A time limit of ninety (90) days is established for customers to dispute bill discrepancies. Disputes must be submitted in writing.***

***This policy was adopted by the Board on March 8, 2012